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Full-service licensed Realtor and Associate Broker

“Your Real Estate Professional from A to Z”
Backed by a full-service broker that is internationally connected, yet locally owned. I am a team leader under eXp Realty and able to mentor and train newer Real Estate Agents. 
 A decade of experiences have led me to this rewarding career.
I LOVE what I do, because every transaction is alive with a person who is an evolving story...


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Professional - Thorough - Compassionate - Competitive

“Full-service licensed Realtor”

“Your Real Estate Professional from A to Z” 

Backed by a full-service broker that is internationally connected, yet locally owned.  

A decade of experiences have led me to this rewarding career.  The process of helping people convey land can be complicated.  In most cases, it is the largest single investment they make.  Facilitating this transaction systematically with knowledge of the in & outs of real estate is what I do.

I have been told what sets me apart is I provide intuitive compassion and insight customized for how different each situation is.  Buying/Selling Real Estate is rarely without emotion, and is often motivated by a growing family, empty-nesters, divorce, and even death.  I’m able to provide this compassion and insight from personal experiences.  For example in addition to my husband of 20 years, we have two teenage boys, and my 93yrs "young" grandmother living with us....transitioning an elderly person from independent living is challenging.

I take pride in helping a variety of demographically based buyers & sellers: Families with language barriers, Elderly in transition, First-Time Home Buyers and Real Estate Investors are only some.

After graduating from GVSU, I served on their Alumni Board for eight years, and worked in corporate America (primarily in outside sales).  While at GVSU, I served in many leadership positions such as Student Senate President and a Resident Assistant while receiving an accolade of leadership awards.

I have cultivated effective communication & negotiation skills while remaining trustworthy & authentic in my work ethic. I continue to grow as a professional with the wonderful support of our Greenridge management team, and by attending various educational courses often.

Some of my knowledge also comes by learning from (contractors) my husband’s family. He has assisted them in building dozens of homes in West Michigan. I have experienced rehabbing houses, assisting with rental property management, and a variety of financing options.

In early 2014, I was recruited as an assistant to a very seasoned & successful Realtor.  I began working with Greenridge in March 2014, and became licensed the following month, April 2014.
In July 2015, I became independent as a full-time Realtor. My first year volume was $2 million as I assisted nineteen sides of a transaction. 2017 has already been a remarkable and unprecedented.

I LOVE what I do, because every transaction is alive with a person who is an evolving story...

I truly care about the impact on each of their stories respecting how important this process is for them. 



Email: azoet@greenridge.com

Mobile: 616-901-7098